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A scalable strategy alongside a cohesive vision for adaptation and coastal resiliency, developed collaboratively through a diverse, inclusive, supportive, global Community of Practice, can help make meaningful progress on the ground in frontline communities.


CSRS proposes a Community of Practice (CoP) coordination mechanism to operate across entities working on these issues at the local and state level.

We recognize that existing organizations, particularly at the community level, are absolutely essential and foundational.

We aim to directly support their individual success by providing the meta-analysis across organizations so we can collectively start to evaluate the gaps, redundancies, and inefficiencies that we cannot elucidate from looking at single efforts.

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The Center for Sea Rise Solutions Incubator for SLR:


There is a mountain of research, data, and models on sea level rise. The Incubator delivers the most innovative research into fabrication. We are the link between the “mountain” and the solutions that are urgently needed. 


  The Incubator:

  • Provides access to a wide range of data and intelligence 

  • Brings new innovations to market

  • Operates on the values of low cost, high scale, and modular deployment