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Coastline City

40% of the world's population lives in coastal areas and are in peril due to rising sea levels, severe storms, and ocean acidification.

Build coastal resilience with us

At CSRS, our mission is to build coastal resilience competence among local decision-makers through knowledge sharing, collaboration, and innovation. 

Find us in June at Waves of Change in Biarritz, France & Ocean Invest Day in Paris, France

Community of Practice

A platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and innovation to create a sustainable future where coastal communities thrive in harmony with the ocean and coastline.

Regional Advisory Board

Interdisciplinary sounding boards and problem-solving agents will offer “office hours” to communities who lack the technical expertise to address pressing coastal resilience issues.

Resilience Bootcamps

Targeted trainings that offer a range of technical and capacity-building educational opportunities about climate change.

Join us as we build coastal resilience and create a sustainable future for coastal communities.
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