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Sea level rise is a fact.  We can't stop it. But we can adapt. 

COP26 highlighted that rising seas will put infrastructure at risk of flooding and impact communities everywhere. Models project a cost of more than 4% of global GDP each year by 2100. If we act now, the economic impact can be reduced to below 0.5% of global GDP loss, and lives and homes can be saved.

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CSRS proposes a Community of Practice (CoP) coordination mechanism to operate across entities working on these issues at the local and state level. 


A scalable strategy alongside a cohesive vision for adaptation and coastal resiliency, developed collaboratively through a diverse, inclusive, supportive, global Community of Practice, can help make meaningful progress on the ground in frontline communities.


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CSRS exists to advance solutions to the consequences of rising seas. We operate as a nonprofit hub to connect the most creative minds working on sea-level rise (SLR) through a global Community of Practice. 

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The CSRS ANNUAL SOLUTIONS SUMMIT for SLR innovators is not a “show and tell”; we introduce, scrutinize, and debate solutions across climatic, geographic, and economic challenges.


The Summit is co-produced with the Aspen Institute. 

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The CSRS INNOVATION INCUBATOR accelerates prototyping, field testing, and fabrication of sea-level rise solutions to drive new for-profit business opportunities and partnerships.






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The Center for Sea Rise Solutions (CSRS) was founded by an environmental lawyer and Mayor of Sausalito, CA, Janelle Kellman, to scale responses to climate change impacts across communities worldwide. Specifically, the impacts on small coastal communities, such as flooding, erosion, and infrastructure degradation.  CSRS exists to launch ideas into actions that will change the world by building a global Community of Practice (CoP) around this critical issue.


We are partnered with the Aspen Institute, building a network of technologists, investors, researchers, innovators, academics, scientists, governments, foundations, think tanks, and other non-profits. We aim to solve interconnected problems, focus on under-resourced communities, and prioritize nature-based solutions.